FREE Webinar: UK REACH: Now that I have a DUIN, what next?

FREE Webinar: UK REACH: Now that I have a DUIN, what next?

FREE Webinar: UK REACH: Now that I have a DUIN, what next?

23 November 2021, 2 PM CEST

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The DUIN madness is over, now I have at least 2 years to register. I can rest easy in 2022.

Hmmm … can I?

Sounds tempting, huh?

DUIN or grandfathering bought you some time. But the heavy lifting is still ahead.

It can be the best strategy to wait, see how your business grows in the UK and then decide to proceed with full registrations. But only in some cases. Let's take a look at different scenarios where you might want to act rather sooner or later to stay on the UK market and avoid unnecessary costs. Better safe than sorry.

A few highlights from the webinar:

  • Using data from EU REACH registrations for UK REACH
  • The complexity of UK REACH data-sharing negotiations
  • Designing the optimum registration strategy

Join this webinar to set your roadmap for UK REACH registrations.

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Tomáš Novotný

Managing Director @REGARTIS

Tomáš has many years of experience with understanding and implementing various European regulations. He follows the UK REACH situation since there was merely a talk about BREXIT, and informs our audience about it regularly, clearly, and with contagious enthusiasm. 

Andrea Schovánková

Regulatory Queen @REGARTIS

Even though Andrea is one of the youngest members of the REGARTIS Crew, she is the Queen of all REACH Registrations we do for our clients, and that says something. This bright young sovereign has processed more DUINs than any of us and she is willing to share her experience with you. Don't miss out!