Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Serbia's New EU SDS Format

Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Serbia's New EU SDS Format

Serbian chemical legislation is aligning with the EU legislation by adopting CLP- and REACH-like rules. The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia, a competent authority for chemical legislation, has published a new rulebook on the content of the Safety Data Sheets.

In Serbia, the same rules as in the EU apply to manufacturers, importers, and distributors of substances and/or mixtures classified as dangerous. Companies shall provide the SDS with the first supply to their customers in Serbian language.


Starting September 1st, 2024, all SDSs in Serbia must align with the latest EU REACH format. For example, it has recently become mandatory to provide information on the endocrine disruption properties of your substance(s) if it has a relevant classification. However, minor distinctions exist – it is possible to omit the UFI code as the PCN notification obligation does not exist under Serbian chemical legislation.

REGARTIS will be covering the topic with a free webinar, where we will unveil more details concerning the differences between the current Serbian and the latest EU REACH SDS formats as well as introduce you to how to describe endocrine disruption properties in your SDS.

Join us on May 23rd, 2024 at 10:00 CET to learn more!

Why Attend?

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from our regulatory experts with extensive experience in chemical regulations
  • Interactive Participation: Your input shapes the conversation; we want to address your concerns
  • Future Insights: Stay informed about upcoming developments and trends
  • Customised Learning Experience: Your needs, your topics! Tell us what aspects of chemical regulations you want to delve deeper into. We value your input, and your suggestions will shape our next webinars. This is your chance to tailor the learning experience to your specific interests and challenges

The magnificent speakers:

Ing. Dušan Bašić

With his personal, professional, and challenge-driven approach, Dušan is the right address for your business regulatory advice. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, in Kragujevac and acquired a master’s degree in scientific research and development, from the Department of Chemistry. He is also a (re)licensed Chemical advisor, regulatory officer, workshop lecturer, an expert in some interesting projects, and a proud part of the REGARTIS team.

Ing. Adam Jonas, MSc, Ph.D.

Adam is involved in the endocrine area for 14 years. He started in academia performing experimental work to investigate the endocrine activity of various substances, mixtures, or environmental samples. Later he had several regulatory roles in industry focused on biocides, plant protection, REACH, and CLP in the EU and other regions. He has experience with the endocrine disruptors assessment of plant protection and biocidal active substances under the current EFSA and ECHA guidance.

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