PFAS: Strategic Approaches for Chemical Industry Compliance

PFAS: Strategic Approaches for Chemical Industry Compliance

Together with ALS Czech Republic, we bring you an exclusive webinar series offering insights into the world of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The three-part series will bring together regulatory experts from REGARTIS and environmental laboratories professionals of ALS Czech Republic to address PFAS from environmental risks to the evolving regulatory landscape and analytical challenges.

First, we will explore their uses, environmental hazards, and restriction efforts. The second part will be focused on analytics, helping attendees understand PFAS testing in various matrices and the implications of their widespread environmental presence. Finally, the series will offer a discussion on regulatory processes, compliance strategies, and the technical aspects of PFAS analysis, such as sampling rules and possible matrices types. The core aim of the series is to provide chemical industry stakeholders with the knowledge to effectively manage PFAS compliance and analysis both.


Changes to regulations and restriction – 6/6/2024

Mgr. Yana Tributsyna

The first session by REGARTIS will look into restrictions of PFAS under consideration due to their adverse effects and persistence in the environment. We will also discuss the global emissions and presence of PFAS and outline the upcoming regulatory changes. These include a detailed look at already restricted PFAS, the REACH restriction process, and new proposals that could impact a broad array of PFAS compounds.

Challenges and analysis – 20/6/2024

Ing. Jana Kováčová, Ph.D.

The second session focused on PFAS analysis will explore the chemical structure, pervasive usage, and significant environmental and health risks associated with PFAS. The session will also cover detailed methodologies for PFAS analysis using LC-MS instrumentation, discuss various sample matrices, and address PFAS distribution in environmental samples, showcasing the challenges posed by their persistence in ecosystems.

Compliance and technical readiness – 26/6/2024

Ing. Jana Trávníčková, Ph.D., Ing. Jana Kováčová, Ph.D.

In the final part of the series, co-hosted by REGARTIS and ALS Czech Republic, the focus will shift to the regulatory framework surrounding PFAS. This session will examine the background of PFAS restriction proposals, their reasonings, and the specific PFAS compounds involved. Key topics will include the current status of PFAS restrictions and strategic preparation for forthcoming regulations, particularly regarding flame retardants. Additionally, ALS Czech Republic will introduce the technical aspects of PFAS analysis, including sample types and matrices, sampling rules, and logistical considerations when transporting samples for PFAS analyses. This part aims to equip attendees with the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of PFAS regulations and analytical methodologies.


Mgr. Yana Tributsyna, Regulatory Queen, REACH manager – REGARTIS

Yana graduated from Charles University in Prague, where she studied molecular biology and genetics. She is skilled in REACH registration dossier compilation and SDS/eSDS creation, she also has experience with chemical auditing and biocidal regulations. She speaks fluently Russian, Czech, and English. She is a certified REACH manager.

Ing. Jana Trávníčková, Ph.D., Regulatory Queen, Customer Happiness Manager – REGARTIS

Jana studied chemistry at FCH VUT in Brno. She has been advising in the field of chemical European and national legislation since 2014. She can advise you on everything related to REACH, especially the authorization of SVHC substances, RoHS II, and the Regulation on Conflict Materials. She can also advise you on meeting the requirements of REACH in the area of safety data sheet management and CLP requirements.

Ing. Jana Kováčová, Ph.D., PFAS Section Supervisor – ALS Czech Republic

Jana has been working in the field of analytical chemistry for more than 15 years. She defended her master's and doctoral studies at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague (UCT Prague), where her research focused on the development of analytical methods for determining pesticide residues in food and water. Jana joined ALS Czech Republic in the year 2020 as a validation specialist and focused her attention on optimising methods for the analysis of PFAS in environmental samples. At the beginning of 2022, she became the supervisor of the PFAS Section in Prague ALS Laboratories.

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